Who am I? Where am I going? What am I doing?

Hi! I am
Francesco Bruno,

I don't know very much about myself, but here you can find things I've already done and things I plan to do in the future.

Social Media Manager - IT expert

University of Münster
For the international project 'Indoctrination, Resistance, Conciliation' I am in charge of:

  • Design and editing for "Claiming Beethoven"
  • digital communication management
  • content for social networks
  • IT support

Web Developer

University of Münster
I designed and developed the website Julius Otto Grimm. Der Brahms-Freund Julius Otto Grimm

Phd. Phil., Musicology

University of Münster

Master's degree, Musicology

University of Pavia
Thesis: “All I Would Have to Do Is Fill in the Gaps” Il teatro musicale di György Kurtág dal frammento vocale a Fin de partie (György Kurtág's musical theatre from the vocal fragment to Fin de partie)
Relatrice: associate professor Ingrid Pustijanac
Correlatrice: full professor Michela Garda
110 e lode

Erasmus Plus Traineeship

Verlag Neue Musik

10 modern Themes

for Electronics and Acustic Instruments
published on the Internet

Social Media Manager

Quartetto di Cremona

Bachelor's degree, Music and performative arts

University of Trento
Thesis: "György Kurtág e il quartetto d'archi: strategie di gestione delle altezze nello spazio sonoro (György Kurtág and the strings quartet: pitches's management stragegies in the sonic field)"
Relatore: associate professor Marco Uvietta
110 e lode

Preghiera per un'anima salva

for ensemble, tenor and narrator
Premiered in Trient, Teatro Sanbàpolis, 18.IV

Il bacio del sole

for ensemble and narrator
Premiered in Trient, Teatro Sanbàpolis, 18.IV

Seriously Funny Micro Pieces

for flute, guitar and cello
Premiered in Treviso, Museo Bailo, 26.V


Here you can what I do.


Here we talk about music, filosofy of music and other stuff.
  • Hey! Apparently it is still too early for this.


I'm always searching for new and challenging ideas and projects.

After studying musicology and gaining experience in publishing houses, I am now dedicated to providing the best music services to talented composers and music professionals.

Do not hesitate to contact me by email or just reach me on your favourite social network!