Il bacio del sole

mixed Ensemble

In 2018 I worked togheter the literary competition "Ateneo dei Racconti" to create the stage music for two theatrical performances. "Il bacio del sole" (The Kiss of the Sun) is the story of a young man who is brought in a forest under false pretences. Here the young is between two mysterious figures who are not who they say. In this marvelous tale there is more than a fantasy story: cultural and social prejudice can hide the real danger.

  • Year2018
  • duration10'
  • authorLucrezia Leonardo
  • commissioned byConcorso Letterario "Ateneo dei Racconti"
  • OrganicFl., Cl., Cor., Bass. Cl., Vib., Arp., Cemb., Cel., Narrator

 Luca Torelli